Vocabulary and speaking

Families and describing people

a) Who is in relation to you…?

1 your mother’s brother my uncle

2 your father’s sister ____________________

3 your husband’s mother ____________________

4 your husband’s sister ____________________

5 your brother’s daughter ____________________

6 your sister’s son ____________________

7 your father’s brother ____________________

8 your mother’s father ____________________

9 your daughter’s son ____________________

10 your father’s second wife ____________________

b) Complete the sentences with the personality adjectives in box

affectionate aggressive ambitious bossy charming competitive independent jealous manipulative moody reliable selfish sensible sensitive sociable spoilt

1__spoilt_____ children behave badly because they are given everything they want.

2 ___________ people always want to win.

3 ___________ people think about themselves and not about Vocabulary and speaking other people.

4 ___________ people get angry quickly and like fighting and arguing.

5 ___________ people have an attractive personality that makes people like them.

6 ___________ people have common sense and are practical.

7 ___________ people are friendly and enjoy being with other people.

8 ___________ people are good at influencing other people to do what they want.

9 ___________ people are happy one minute and sad the next, and are often bad-tempered.

10 __________ people like doing things on their own, without help.

11 __________ people like giving orders to other people.

12 __________ people show that they love or like people vey much.

13 __________ people are people you can trust or depend on.

14 __________ people Vocabulary and speaking understand other people’s feelings or are easily hurt or offended.

15 __________ people want to be successful in life.

16 __________ people think that someone loves another person more than them, or wants what other people have.

d) Match the adjectives and their opposites.

extrovert hard-working mean self-confident stupid talkative

clever __________ lazy _________

generous __________ quiet _________

insecure ___________ shy _________

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